The time we danced our socks off at P&N Fest

On Friday 21st July, Pimms and Needles hosted their very own festival. Filled with laughter, excitement and a lot of dancing, we danced our socks off during the barn dance. I have alwaaaays wanted to go to a barn dance and it was honestly amazing!

Seeing everyone get up dance and sing away to the songs, performed splendidly by Stockton to Darlington Ukulele Band, it was such a fantastic atmosphere!

Due to this, here is a short post for you today, mainly picture/video based, all about that fun filled night!

So here is the time we embraced our inner cowboys/cowgirls...
Before I being with the photographs and videos, a HUGE thank you to those who organised this awesome event, to Hammer and Pincer pub for the awesome venue and the delicious food, and to the Stockton to Darlington Ukulele Band for their amazing performance, the kazoos and for bringing a sense of Hawaii to the night!

And now time for so piccys and videos of the fantastic event...


They even played Sweet Caroline and it was SO cute awww!

Honestly, I cannot begin to tell you what a fabulous night this was. I can finally tick off going to a barn dance on my bucket list!

Saturday's festival events were postponed so keep an eye out for future information about that as it will just be equally as fun!

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Until next time x


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