Oh la la! Our Burlesque Meeting

Yesterday was our monthly meeting as Pimms and Needles Darlington and my gosh, wasn't it a good one, filled with Buck's fizz, feather boas and a lot of 'woooooooooooooah's. I, for one, was looking forward to this meeting since Donna and Charlotte first announced it a couple of months ago because it is something different, something new and something I have always wanted to try out.

We learned how to burlesque. How amazing is that though?!?!?!?!!!

So here is 'Oh la la! Our Burlesque Meeting'...

Before I begin writing down how amazing the night was, a MASSIVE shout out to Joe's Bar for letting us host the event there and to the wonderful Ebony Silk and Duke De Milo for hosting this meeting and just being all round fabulous people/performers.

Once we had some Buck's Fizz in our hands and our eyes gleaming with excitement, the night kicked off with a little introduction into the world of burlesque. It was so interesting to hear how women 100 years ago stood up to society and just did what they wanted to do and not let them stop them. Power to the women, I say! Anyway, that's just my inner feminist coming out there, oops!

We then got into groups and came up with our stage names. From your favourite cocktail to including your favourite flower etc, it was lovely to see everyone talking, getting into the mood of the night and hearing what people came up with for their names!

Then to learn some masters of the trade. How to take off a glove seductively, use a feather boa and of course, some movements to show off your body, it was fab seeing all the women just not care and get stuck in there with it all. Laughter just filled the room.

Ebony Silk showing us how it's done

Duke De Milo and Ebony Silk
The night ended with Ebony Silk and Duke De Milo performing. I've always wanted to go to a burlesque show and it was amazing. Ebony gave us the sexy burlesque whilst we were in stitches over Duke De Milo's performance. Both different routines but both equally fabulous!

With the performances and a random man walking into get a drink, without even realising there were about 50 women just staring at him, it was such a fun filled night and honestly, my cheeks were hurting sooooo much from smiling and wooing so much!

Again, a massive thank you to Ebony Silk and Duke De Milo for doing this because it was so much fun and you guys absolutely smashed it!

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