A makeup, hair and pilates masterclass

Sorry for this post being so late, just been so busy with life at the moment but I am back with the post for August's meeting! And what a fun meeting it was!

From learning about our skin and how to look after it and how to curl our hair to perfection to learning some simple yet important pilate moves, it was such an enjoyable night!

So here is our fabulous masterclass...

First up, a massive thank you to those who organised the event, who helped with tea and cake and to Erin and Diane, from Rejoy Beauty, and Michelle, from Michelle Ormrod Pilates, for showing us how things are done!

The evening started off with the usual presentation and oh my goodness, I am so so so sooooo excited for October's event! Let's just say we will be channelling in our inner Sherlock Holmes eek!

Then we spilt into three groups and went to one of the three areas. First up for me was the beauty area. Learning all about our largest organ was really interesting, from what products to use to keep it healthy to products we should really avoid unless we want dried, heavy skin.

Next up was hair and my gosh, I fell in love with this simple hair style. She curled it all then just gently twisted the hair in sections and pinned it in the middle. With a lovely flower crown or something along those lines, it would be such a beautiful style for a wedding, whether it is the bride or bridesmaids hair!

Finally, it was time to get our bodies all relaxed and ready for some pilates. Michelle showed us some rather useful exercises we could do at work, at home, in the park, practically anywhere really. I don't know about the rest of the ladies, but after doing these couple of minutes each exercises, my body felt so less tense and more relaxed.

And there we have it, a mixture of masterclasses but very interesting and useful master classes nonetheless!

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Until next time x


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