Spring has arrived at P&N

Our March meeting at Darlington was certainly filled with the joys of Spring. On Thursday, us ladies learned how to create pretty cards and beautiful handmade flower brooches by one of the group founders, Charlotte.

She showed us how to create these brooches that are just so simple and easy to make, perfect for a lovely little gift for your mother on Mother's Day!

I will try and remember everything we used and how we made them so fingers crossed my memory serves me well!

So let us begin...

First of, thanks to Charlotte for showing us how to make these pretty cards and brooches, it was so much fun, and for those who helped organise and set up this fab meeting!
What we used:
Three colours of felt (I used a yellow for the middle, pink for the petals and green for the leaves)
Card, we used one where it opened three times with a square cut out in the middle page.
Double sided sticky tape
Embroidered table cloth (to cut it)
A brooch pin
Needle and thread
Letter stamps and ink (optional)

What to do now:

1. Cut off a piece of your chosen embroidered fabric and position it in the window in the card. Once you are happy with it, use double sided tape to hold it.
2. Take one of your three felts, the one you want to use in the middle, and cut a strip off. Now make small cuts along the cut out but only to the middle, don't cut it all the way through. Roll this up and sew it together with your needle and thread, making sure it is secure.
3. Now for the petals! Cut out 12 flower petals of felt, we had a template but you can just freehand one and then cut out another 11 or do them all differently, it is entirely up to you! Sew the petals on the middle piece you have done, one by one and moving them around so they are over lapping each other.
4. Time for the leaves. Again we had templates to cut out from but you can do them freehand. Personally I used three leaves but it is entirely up to you how many you wish to include. Once you have them, sew them onto your flower bud.
5. Almost done! Cut out a circle for your backing, I can't remember what fabric we used but it was like a light brown rough material. Sew this onto your flower, making sure it is secure. Now sew on your brooch's pin, again making sure it is securely onto your flower! You don't want it to fall apart do you haha!
6.This step is optional as you will need letter stamps and ink! If you want to write a lovely little message on the front, then we used these to create it! It was so much fun and lovely to see everyone's little message! You can always use a fountain pen and some fancy fonts if you don't have letter stamps and ink!
7. Once your ink has dried if you have included it, pin your finished brooch it is and there you have it!

And here are some of our lovely ladies finished cards and brooches!

And voila, you have your handmade flower brooch, ready to go and show off your sewing skills and your creativity!

I loved how everyone's flowers were so different but equally all so lovely! With laughter filling the room and tea and cake flowing, it was fab to see everyone embrace their creativity! From different shapes and sizes to the use of colours and people's pretty embroidered cards, it was such a fabulous way to start of Spring!

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Until next time! x


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