Darlington P&N turned 1!

Yester was the turn of Darlington's group meeting and it was a very special one. The second group turned 1! Those 365 days went sooooo fast and I, for one, have had such a blast during them 12 meetings!

From a variety of meetings, such as learning burlesquemaking some noise and creating our own delicious chocolate, it's been a lot of fun!

To celebrate the special occasion, there was plenty of food [and I mean plenty!], laughter in the air and cakes galore!

So let's get this paaaarty started...
As usual, thank you to those who helped on the night, brought in food and to our very own P&N member Emma for teaching us how to decorate cakes to perfection.

The evening started with Donna and Charlotte giving us a tasty insight to the night's events and what future meetings hold for us. Just going to say I am SO SO SO SO excited for the Murder Mystery one in October like that cannot come quick enough!

On with last night, Emma, who runs Buttercream Cakes, showed us how to make these pretty roses made from paste, edible of course! I have always wanted to try creating pretty flowers so I was so excited to how hard or easy it was doing so. I can say it is definitely the latter!

Going to try and give you a brief outline of what we did so if you want to try this at home, you will know!

1. With the fondant, roll out 12 small balls [the size of a pin or slightly bigger] and 3 small sausages! I only made one rose so just did one sausage!
2. Flatten however many sausages you have made and roll them up to create a swirl!
3. With each of the 12 [or how many you created] flatten them out to create the delicate petals. Apply a petal each time, sticking it with a bit of water as it acts like glue, to the rolled up fondant, going around it but overlapping the petals.
4. Allow it to dry and then place on your cake.

Simple as that. I mean brief instructions but they are really so much fun to make, even if slightly messy!

We ended the night by lighting our candles on our yummy cakes and singing Happy Birthday, whilst having a celebratory group photo!

What a fabulous way to make the first year of the Darlington group!

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Until next time x


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