Today marks the second birthday that the idea of Pimms and Needles was born and what a fabulous two years they have been! We have had such a blast, from our fun filled meetings to hosting our very own festival later this year, thank you to everyone, members past and present, for making it such a wonderful group.

We are so proud of how far this idea has come in these years and we have got a lot more up our sleeves for more groups and so many more fun activities for our meeting.

To celebrate, I am going to take you on a journey to our first ever meeting in Hurworth and through some of my personal favourite meetings that I have attended in the past 730 days.

Throwing it back to September 2015 for our first trip down memory lane because this was our first ever meeting! I cannot believe this event was that long ago, I still remember going with my friend, Mandi, and us being excited to cover the event for the Northern Echo! It was such a fabulous atmosphere, with chatter filling the room, and meeting future members and of course the co-founders, Donna and Charlotte.

Now for some of our past events, which just so happens to be some of my favourites!

October 2015, Vintage tea party- filled with cake, live music and of course tea, we learned how to Lindy Hop and got our hair done all vintagey by Emma, it was definitely a fabulous way to kick of the first proper meeting of P&N!


December 2015, a Christmas Market- to celebrate the festive month, we hosted a little crafts market, with eight stalls selling quirky and unique gifts! With a mocktail in our hand, it was such a nice and cheery meeting to end our first year!

January 2016, Life drawing- I think it is safe to say we were all pretty excited about this event. Our life drawing meeting was certainly a laugh out loud one and it was definitely entertaining!

March 2016, Creative crafting- during this meeting, we got to create our very own ceramics and it was sooooo much fun! I, for one, have always wanted to try out pottery so I was thrilled to find out we were going to be making something from it. I loved seeing everyone designs and creativity blossom and the results were pretty impressive!

November 2016, Christmas wreath making- the second wreath making meeting I went to and it was SO much fun. Learning how to create this festive decoration from scratch to decorating it and putting up on the front door, I loved making it and getting stuck in there.

January 2017, Burlesque workshop- what a way to kick off 2017! This night was SO much fun, I have always been fascinated with the art of burlesque and learning about the history of it and then actually learning some moves and coming up with our stage names, it was a hell of a lot of fun!

May 2017, Chocolate making- chocolate? Tick. Salted caramel? Tick. In one place? Tick. This meeting, I think, may be my ultimate favourite. Two of my favourite things in one place and we actually got to make them ourselves, I was one happy person! It was definitely a finger licking good meeting!

There we have it, a select few of my favourites. I think if I did them all, we would be here for days!

So here is to the next two [and many more] years of Pimms and Needles!

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Until next time x


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