When we made some noise

Get ready to be wowed at how amazing the Darlington Pimms and Needles group sounded last night as it was our monthly meeting!

We certainly made a noise during this event as it was alllll about singing and learning how to proper warm up our vocal cords and to have a very good sing along!

So here is 'When we made some noise'...

First up, a massive thank you to those who organised the meeting because it was such a good laugh, to Rebecca McGarvie for giving us the singing master class because we all loved it and to REJOY Hair & Beauty for their fab prize for the raffle!

Rebecca [far right] teaching us how it is done!
To start the evening, Charlotte and Donna gave us an insight in to this evening's event and what we are going to do in future meetings. Let's just say I am sooooooooo excited for May's meeting [and so will you if you are a chocoholic like me].

And now for us to sing our little hearts out [or for me, to make people go deaf because I cannot sing to save my life]. Rebecca started with doing some laughing vocal exercises. This was because we were supposed to do some laughing yoga during the evening as well but unfortunately the teacher was too ill to attend so I am looking forward to another meeting where we can learn some!
However, it was a nice, breaking the ice activity as we were mingling with other members and the room was just filled with us laughing.

Now onto the singing! After a couple of little vocal warm ups, we got onto learning a very well known pop song [which also just happened to be a song I used to listen to religiously when it first came out a couple of years a go]. The song was Hold Back the River by James Bay. I was so happy when I realised we were going to be learning this!

After working on our harmonies and getting into a group where our voice belonged [so either low, middle, high], it was time for the main, final result of the

This was our moment to shine as a singing group...

I mean, surely James Bay would love this, we nailed it!

Again, thank you to Rebecca for teaching us and being patient with us during the workshop because it was such a fab evening, that made us get out of our comfort zones and try something different! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves for sure!

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Until next time! x


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