A finger licking good meeting

Golly gosh, it has been a while since I published something on here, sorry ladies! Unfortunately, I could not attend Darlington's April meeting, hence there was no blog post about it! During yesterday's evening, I was told it was so nice to learn about mindfulness and that it was super relaxing so I am even more sad to have missed it!

However, I am back and I am back with a big, finger licking good meeting that any chocaholic would just love! A salted caramel chocolate making event!!! Salted. Caramel. Chocolate. Clearly we died and gone straight to heaven in those two hours!

So here is our fabulous chocolaty meeting...

First things first, thank you to all who helped out last night, who brought tasty cakes [of course most of them were chocolate, yummmmmmy] and to Truly Tempting Chocolate for hosting the event, your name certainly lives up to itself, that is for sure!

We started the evening with Donna and Charlotte telling us about future events and the fact that Pimms and Needles are throwing their very own festival in July!!! Move over Glastonbury, P&N Fest is on it's way! [I will try and do a blog post on the festival once more information is confirmed!]


On with last night's events! With our already made chocolate balls and salted caramel ready to be drizzled into them, David and Wendy, who run Truly Tempting Chocolate, showed us the technic of doing such a thing. It was so relaxing watching them, and others, pour in the caramel! I, for one, couldn't stop watching at all.

After it we filled the chocolate, we got another piping bag but this time full of chocolate. How I was so tempted just to place it above my mouth and pour it in there haha! However, I resisted and we all covered up the hole and sealed the goodness that is salted caramel inside.

Now for the messy part. As David and Wendy poured a spoonful of melted chocolate into the palm of our hands, the excited looks on people's faces got even more so as we then had to roll our chocolate balls into our chocolate covered hand.

After casually licking our hands [and wiping them clean on our aprons, it was time for the finale. The last bit of chocolate to be smothered onto our caramel chocolate. It was sooo much fun drizzling some white chocolate over our creations. And voila, they were done!

And believe me, the utterly divine salted caramel chocolate did not last long... At all.

Well there you have it, another fabulous night that was definitely finger licking good! Willy Wonka, eat your heart out!

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Until next time x


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